Broadcasting to employees has become dangerously archaic. People everywhere have found their voice.

As individuals we now have both the desire and ability to converse with millions across time and space. We no longer passively receive the message, but look to share and shape it. Broadcasting is the antithesis of how we, as human beings, choose to communicate.


Continuing with the corporate monologue will increasingly fail to meet our audiences' expectations.


Conversation has the power to do more than drive individual performance. It can unlock the collective value of an entire organisation, turning workers into a true workforce.


In a tough, competitive market, business as usual is not enough. Organisations need to be constantly innovating. If we look solely to our strategists or management consultants for this thinking, we ignore the hundreds or thousands of people who know our organisations best - the people who create our products and deliver our services every day. Tomorrow’s successful organisations will be listening to the wisdom of their crowds.


Conversation is a rare win-win.


My book is intended to give leaders and communicators the inspiration, insight and confidence to step away from the podium, put down the megaphone and end the corporate soliloquy.


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